The Spirit Engine 2

Play the role of the good in this incredible adventure



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The Spirit Engine 2 is a two dimensional role playing game set in an original fantasy world created by it's developer, which is outstanding in many aspects.

The first of those is it's playability, as throughout the adventure you move your characters through scenarios in two dimensions, something that will prove especially relevant during battles, where you will simply have to determine the attack patterns of your group, and they will carry out the actions by turn.

The second element that is most outstanding in the game is its careful and unique graphics, which thanks to some very carefully designed pixels and an artistic design in an animated drawing style, will give you a very gratifying visual experience.

Last but not least you have the soundtrack, which includes some truly magnificent pieces and perfectly complements the outstanding visuals of the game.

The Spirit Engine 2 is an excellent free RPG that no fan of the genre should miss. A game that will provide you with at least 20 hours of fun.
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